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Custom Renovations and Additions

Care in every detail

When designing a custom home, we do not simply follow a one size fits all boilerplate, but rather a unique process based on the needs of our clientele.


Dean Forster Architectural Designer

Let us craft
the perfect
house for
your family

"Once I started working with J.A. Smith, I knew it was going to be reliable. They do the best job they possibly can because they take real pride in their work. So you’ll never have to worry about a job that’s perfection. "

- Kathleen S.

"It’s awesome working with J.A. Smith. Their crew is fantastic. They think of every single detail. Our kitchen has never looked better. "

- Annie B.

"They’re just such a great advocate in guiding you. They eliminate the guess work. Anytime we want to do a major project they are our first call. "

- Sam R.

We call the Queen City home

Since 1990 we have met the specific needs of each client. Our design staff and quality craftsmen are dedicated to making your dreams reality.


Alex Smith President